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[22 Sep 2015|10:39pm]

[26 Aug 2015|11:51pm]
Harvest soon and then, winter. It's always an interesting time of year for me. It seems I only bother to have anything to say when the seasons are turning but, truly, that's the only time I feel the need to stop what I'm doing long enough to consider how another year has passed, oftentimes eventfully, occasionally not so much so.

But it is due time to have another event at the club. The Harvest Moon this year begins on a Sunday, but the weekend falls nicely on the cusp between it and the Equinox. Perhaps that would be a fitting time to cast off the fetters of propriety and duty for a weekend and drink up the spirit of the old harvest festivals. And it gives me a month to prepare.

[01 Feb 2015|11:23pm]

[01 May 2014|01:01am]
Despite it being the middle of the week, Walpurgisnacht at the club has so far been a rousing time for all. I'm not surprised, though - if anyone knows how to throw a party, it's me. And it was delicious as ever to see some old faces wander in out of the undoubtedly festive weather. It's always nice to know that though they may wander from the fold, the sheep will always return to their shepherd.

[13 Mar 2014|05:59pm]
Just over a week until the drowning. It's hard to say what the event will bring, from year to year, and hard to say what I'd prefer it to bring. It might be nice this year to see some old faces... aside from my own abominable spawn, would I could do without having to look at on a daily basis.

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